1. Apr, 2019

Kari Leppänen won bronze medal at the Torpan Pojat basketball team.

Kari started playing basketball at the age of eleven at Torpan Pojat. Now after 50 years he won his first medal at the Finnish National League for player`s  age 60.

Leppänen Architects has been…

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11. Feb, 2019

The weekend at Tallinn included a lot of interesting program as well as relaxed time just to be together.

Tallinn at the winter weather showed it`s best sides regardless of the slushy and rainy weather.

Our attention attached especially to the historical old buildings which…

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29. Jan, 2019

Visit at the Alvar Aalto Atelje was memorable, since my memories of the office goes as back as to the sixties.

My father, Architect Kaarlo `Kale` Leppänen, started his work at Aalto office as young graduated architect year 1955. Within his more than 20 year…

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23. Jan, 2019

Partners at a group photo together with the Helsinki Seagulls Basketball Team.

18. Jan, 2019

Konala church which was originally designed by Architect Heikki Castren has been recently converted to a kindergarten use.

Lumi named kinderkarten houses three spacious groups for small children.

The relief “ kolmas aamu ” was preserved as part of the original church interior.


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20. Dec, 2018

14. Dec, 2018

Christmas party was held this year at the office together with the staff.

The proper atmosphere was highlighted by the dim light of candles and culinary delicatesse.

We also celebrated Tuomo`s graduation to become Architect.

Peter arranged us wine tasting of Italian red wines.


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24. Sep, 2018

Autumn greetings from the architect`s desk

The work at the office has started busy after the sunny and warm summer.

On our desk we have now both new renovation and housing project`s. At Kittilä Levi we have started three project`s; hybrid energy factory-, villa- and…

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3. Sep, 2018


Leppänen Architects combines together the work of Kaarlo and Kari Leppänen.

19. Jun, 2018

Call your friend / Markkinointi&Mainonta 15.06.2018

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