About Us

Leppänen Architects Ltd is a Helsinki based Architecture office, which has more than 25 year planning experience of versatile projects.

Our main field of work is:

  • Public and commercial projects

    • Public projects vary from kiderkartens to elderly people carehomes and commercial projects from crocery stores to shopping centers.
  • Housing

    • Main projects at housnig are apartement houses and design of attick flats as well as converting office and factory buildings for the use of housing.
  • Renovation

    • Our renovation projects  provide special expertice for historical and protected buildings as well as services for housing estatete companies at versatile renovations.

Our planning tasks include large demanding development projects as well as smaller and more individual projects as private houses and summer cottages.



Architect Kari Leppänen as the second generation architect continues the work of his father architect Kaarlo Leppänen. The lifework and values of both Kaarlo and Kari Leppänen are based on reliability, professionality and humanity.

The merging of Architecture office Kaarlo Leppänen Ltd to Kari Leppänen Architects Ltd combined together the work of two generations. This work is continued by the work of architect Kari Leppänen



Architects Alvar Aalto and Kaarlo Leppänen at Seinäjoki Lakeudenristi Church.